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Meril has always championed the need to accelerate positive change in delivering healthcare with clinically relevant and best in class medical devices. We have taken pride in being an agent of change to alleviate human suffering and improve quality of life.

Keeping up with the perseverance towards building greater health awareness amongst the citizens of India, we take this opportunity in presenting the launch of TREATMENT ZAROORI HAI, a public awareness campaign by Meril. The prime objective of this campaign is to spread awareness and share helpful, reliable information and knowledge about specific disease conditions of Heart (Aortic Stenosis and Coronary Artery Disease) and Large Joint (hip & knee) disease.

TREATMENT ZAROORI HAI aims to bridge the gap between the patients, caregivers, and the medical fraternity.

It’s Time You Say
‘YES’ To Treatment

Why allow that unbearable pain to disrupt your daily life when you can simply opt for an effective and affordable treatment that improves your health and quality of life.

So Say

No To Pain,

Don't Say

No To Treatment.

This campaign aims not only educate the community, but also raise awareness for patients and caregivers to shed their inhibitions of availing necessary and timely medical assistance and treatment by gaining relevant and helpful Heart and Large Joint (hip & knee) Disease related information.

TREATMENT ZAROORI HAI connects inspiring and motivating community of people with their success stories of overcoming the challenges of Heart or Large Joint (hip & knee) Disease. The community of experts and specialists on the therapies of Heart and Large Joint (hip & knee) Disease share their expertise and knowledge and provide valuable guidance on improving the quality of life of patients.

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Founded in 2006, Meril is a global medical device company, headquartered in Vapi, India. Since its inception, Meril has been striving to alleviate human suffering and improve the quality of life through innovation, design and development of novel, clinically relevant and state-of-the-art devices.

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It is our core commitment to ensure the delivery of advance healthcare solutions. As a medical device manufacturer, we exist to improve inventiveness in healthcare so that people's lives are enriched. Meril manufactures medical solutions in the form of vascular intervention devices, orthopedic implants, robotics, endo-surgery, ENT products, and in-vitro diagnostics.

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A large, eclectic team of professionals is engaged in the research and development of novel medical devices and technologies ever since its inception. Meril's commitment to Innovation for improved health has led to many advancements in medical devices right from adapting to AI, reiterating the hyperbole that the 21st century is an era of artificial intelligence (AI) and technological innovation. Our introduction of robotic systems for the successful execution of joint replacement procedures is one such revolutionary example of AI addressing healthcare requirements. To know more about our innovative medical devices visit